Plaqued with Oily Skin??

I have "suffered" with oily skin my entire life. I have always considered it a genetic curse, but in recent years I've wondered if it's what has helped to keep my skin looking younger. I'm 46 years old and still have breakouts like I'm a teenager, doesn't get much younger than that. I have recently stumbled across some information that I found to be quite interesting and wanted to share.

How does one fight oily skin? With oil of course!!

It has been found that those with oily or acne-prone skin often have higher percentages of oleic acid in their sebum (natural skin oil) and are often deficient in linoleic acid. Some scientists have suggested that sebum produced with oleic acid is drier, firmer and therefore promotes blockage within the follicles, such as blackheads and whiteheads.

​The good news for those of us with oil-prone skin, there are oils rich in linoleic acid that can help balance out this deficiency (see below for some options). I know it seems crazy to put oil on oily skin, but it truly is a balancing act to ensure your skin has what it needs.

The bad news......most oils high in linoleic acid also have a shorter shelf life. Look for purely organic, unrefined oils wherever possible. I would recommend purchasing smaller amounts more frequently to ensure the oils stay fresh.

Oils higher in Linoleic acid

​Try to find a place that sells non-GMO, organic, unrefined oils that provide a breakdown of fatty this one.

More good news

...adding certain essential oils to your new favorite carrier oil for the perfect face "serum" can help to further improve your skin's appearance. Some options to try for oily skin. For more on my favorite essential oils, go here

Tamara Johnson

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